Delaware Area Code, United States

Find the real owner of someone with a 302 Delaware Area Code


Delaware was the first state to ratify the US Constitution and is popularly known as “the First State.” Today, the mid-Atlantic state is a corporate powerhouse and home to about one million people. The Delaware phone numbers database contains information on the individuals and businesses that have phone numbers with the Delaware area code

Delaware has one area code, 302, which was assigned per the North American Numbering Plan in 1947. This set of three digits is followed by the prefix code and the line number, all of which make a Delaware phone number unique.

The typical Delaware phone number is 302-DYY-XXX. 302 is the area code; DYY is the prefix code, and XXXX is the line number.

The area code tells you the caller’s general location—that is, Delaware. The other sets of digits provide more information about the mobile carrier, phone number type, and information about the specific phone number owner.

To put it into perspective, think of a phone number as a house address. In that case, the area code would be the city or town. Meanwhile, the prefix code would be the street number, and the line number would be the specific house address or apartment number. Reading a complete address helps a courier deliver a package. Likewise, reading the entire phone number helps services connect phone calls to their intended recipients. In the same way, searching a phone number on the Delaware phone numbers database helps you identify the owner and publicly available information on that person.

Originally, if you needed to find a person and their phone number in Delaware, you would need to search the state’s yellow pages or white pages. But only a few of these physical directories are published today, and the existing ones are outdated. Instead, the Delaware phone numbers database has moved online. Besides identifying the owner of a phone number, this transition also makes it possible to obtain registered owner’s publicly available records. 

CountyFIPS codeCounty seatEstablishedPopulationArea
Kent County001Dover1680181,851800 sq mi
New Castle County003Wilmington1664570,719494 sq mi
Sussex County005Georgetown1664237,3781,196 sq mi